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We act in the foreign trade segment, focusing on areas of customs clearance, customs and tax consulting and international freight forwarding. With strategic competence and focus on solutions for the customer, we offer importers and exporters a complete range of services, looking for the most appropriate solution to the needs of each one.

Our differential is in our employees’ team, highly specialized in the segments in which it acts, offering a personalized and proactive assistance in solving different situations from day to day. Our team tries to deeply understand the business of each one of our customers, assessing all specifities and needs.


In order to guarantee qualified and committed answers with businesses’ results, our methodology includes, among others:

  • To accomplish an immersion in the customer’s business in order to understand necessary details;
  • To master specifities of products to be imported or exported, in order to suggest the most appropriate fiscal classifications and to guarantee the cost optimization for each operation;
  • To analyze in a critical way import and export processes in order to suggest the most appropriate solutions to the customer;
  • To maintain a relationship of transparency, trust and proximity with all customers, valuing the simplicity and being always available to assist to their expectations.


This methodology is guided by a long-term vision. It is not about solving specific problems, but understanding the business context of each of customers and strategically, propose the best solutions.

With extensive mastery in the performed operations and with professionals attentive to constant changes in the country’s tax and customs legislation, we identified the best and most profitable scenarios for our customer’s operations. Besides, we are one of the companies that brings together the largest number of professionals with the “Certification of selectivity for professional qualification” by the Finance Administration School of the Federal Revenue of Brazil.

Strategic competence, ethical and transparent relationships and focus on the customer are values that guide Twin’s relationships with its customers. We have headquarters in Porto Alegre and consolidated operations in the most important ports, airports and customs frontiers of the country.