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One of Twin’s differentials is its team specialized in customs and tax consulting. Formed by qualified professionals that are attentive to the constant updates of the legislation, the consulting team conducts studies on the business of each customer, evaluating how customs and tax legislation can benefit them – through taxes reduction and benefits and tax incentives, given needs in each case.

This specialization and ability to position critically before import and export processes, as well as before foreign trade projects under its responsibility, allow Twin to guide its customers and to suggest the best and most profitable solutions for each demand.

For Twin, to provide customs clearance services means not only to provide them quickly and in the most efficient way in tax burden terms, but also in the safest way possible.



  • Fiscal classification of goods;
  • Ex-tariff applications for capital goods, information technology and telecommunications;
  • Ex-tariff applications for auto parts;
  • Special and atypical customs regimes;
  • Benefits and tax incentives on import;
  • Analysis and optimization of operations in the automotive segment;
  • Analysis and optimization of operations in the avionics segment;
  • Drawback (direct and indirect) exemption, suspension: from feasibility study, going through the opening of concession acts, management, proof and closure of the same;
  • Siscoserv: from consulting and analysis of acquisition and service sale’s operations to the registration of operations;
  • Costs estimates of import and export operations;
  • Authorized Economic Operator (AEO);
  • Imports of used machines.